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Our ethos

We believe there are a large amount of Muslim-friendly businesses out there with the potential to do amazing things. We believe they can reach their fullest potential with the support of our community – we want to empower our ummah to become Ummazing.

Our mission is to create a free, online platform for independent Muslim-friendly businesses to showcase their talents and products to a community of shoppers who are ready to spend their pound ethically!

We’re bringing amazing businesses together with amazing customers and that’s why we’re called Ummazing.

More than a marketplace

Here at Ummazing, we’re all about you. Our goal is to bring creatives centre-stage and provide a voice to those across the UK, bringing Muslim-friendly businesses and consumers together on one platform.

How do we do this? Well, Ummazing isn’t just for those who wish to buy and sell products. Upon signing up, Ummazing users across the UK and dare we say it, across the pond are invited to write a piece for our blog. This article can be based on whatever you’d like, whether it be food, fashion, social, religion or culture.

We intend to create a culture that encompasses all walks of life, encouraging conversation surrounding creativity and art, current and contemporary topics that you feel impact our community. Whatever is on your mind, Ummazing wants to hear it!

Our Story

Growing up in an area where Muslims were few and far between – the options for Muslim consumers were limited. I always found myself settling for the vegetarian option when going out to eat, or travelling into London in order to find clothing to suit a religious occasion. Though I was grateful for the options that were present at the time, I struggled with the lack of community – after all, I was always taught that community was important in Islam – so where was mine?

Moving to Leicester for university, I had a huge culture shock with so many businesses operating at the complete other end of the spectrum. Muslim-friendly options were everywhere and not just in Muslim-run businesses. Business owners from different backgrounds understood the benefits of providing options to all communities – the benefits of inclusivity. Here is where I found community and here is where I found Ummazing.

As we shifted our focus to the world of online, I set out to create a platform that identified and championed Muslim consumer needs. I wanted to use the powerful concept in Islam of community (ummah) to highlight the awesomeness of Muslim-friendly businesses everywhere, be they big or small! This is the essence of Ummazing.

— Raees Sayed, Founder

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