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5 Grafton Street High Wycombe HP12 3AJ
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4 Reviews


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out of 5 stars

I’d like to start by saying that the feedback I received from the food itself was amazing, however, the service on the other had was extremely poor and very unprofessional. I came to check on things before guests arrival and I was greeted by a young girl on her own with no support wandering around aimlessly asking me what to do with the chairs, where to put certain things that were in the venue that should have been cleared away, and not knowing what to do. I expected either Ayaz or Abid to be there throughout the whole time to guide their staff if they didn’t know what to do, but instead I was told Abid came later. If I'm was told your team has worked at Stoke before, I don’t expect them not to know how to use the kitchen or how to heat up food asking my guests for a lighter. I spoke to Abid to provide feecback only to be argued. I confirmed with my uncle on all points you mentioned regarding being there the whole time, and he confirmed he only spoke to you a few times within 30 minutes and you disappeared. - Welcome drinks were not served to the guests, they were just left in the wrong place where no-one could see them - Staff moved things around that shouldn't have been touched - Food was served late. I sent Ayaz a list of exact timings of when the food should be served but still the staff were asking multiple guests when to serve everything and what to do. - Granted time slipped by roughly 20 minutes to pray, but the food was an hour late to be served - The young lady asked 3 different guests one after another what to do. - Staff said they had no way of heating up the food and were asking my guests for a lighter! - When Abid arrived he had to bring the cookers to heat up the food, this should have been arranged before any of my guests had arrived - Bride and groom didn't get to eat because we were told the food was packed and there was no way to reheat it - Venue had been cleared up 2 hours before they were supposed to meaning my guests were forced to leave sooner than they were planned to. I’ve now lost money for 3 hours of the venue I paid the entire day for because your staff practically forced my guests to go home with nowhere to sit! - Favours were shoved into a box preventing the guests from taking them before they left As I said earlier, I called to provide feedback on my experience and to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone again, but when speaking to Abid, you argued with me not even trying to listen to my feedback saying you were there the entire time which is 100% a lie because when speaking to my dad and my uncle, they saw you for 30 minutes max and you disappeared. They also confirmed that you didn’t bring the cookers with you to heat up the food and had to go get them delaying the serving of any food. If I have to call the supplier (Ayaz) during my wedding which I did at 5:41pm on the day of my wedding asking where management is, it means things are not going to plan. If I as the customer provide feedback regarding the service received, I do not expect to be argued at. You as a service provider should take this as a chance to apologise for my experience and improve, not use it as a chance to argue back. I am the customer paying for a service telling you I was shocked and disappointed, you cannot tell me I am wrong if this was witnessed not only be myself but also but ALL my guests. I asked for a partial refund due to the lack of service I was promised but you completely denied it which again is poor customer service! Rest assured I will not be using your services again nor will I recommend you to anyone I know.

Kabir Razak



out of 5 stars

Best food Best service and best price. Ordered for the exact amount of people and still had extra available. Will definitely use again. Thanks guys

Sabiha Ahmed



out of 5 stars

superb service! The food was very tasty, and the quality and quantity were great! I would highly recommend this catering service for parties.

Omar Farooq



out of 5 stars

Affordable prices and Very helpful Asked advice for 80 people and was given the best recommendation for the menu which was very professional. Was very patient and polite with all my queries and questions. Can't complain about the food as it was hot ready to be served and also food came on time as desired. ( Had to change the timing of the food on the day and still managed to come on time). Was given very good feedback about the tastiness of the food very tasty food indeed I loved it and so did the rest !! Staff was efficient and friendly Only thing that needs improving is the hygiene of the chair covers as I received quite a few stained and ripped ones so the positive thing was I was given a few extra to cover up for the ones that weren't that great but other than that everything else was a solid 10/10 very happy customer in the end. Well done to this team who catered for me with short notice. Highly reccomemed .




out of 5 stars

Organised catering for my wedding for about 120 people. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t use them. Turned up on the day an hour late so only had an hour left for food and table prep. Then started arguing about not having a frying station ready at the venue when that should have been discussed well in advanced especially since you’re proviso a catering service? Disgusting. Luckily the serving staff were very well behaved and tried their best on the day otherwise I would have rated this place one star.
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