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13 Northampton Grove London N1 2PL
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ACHE for cake is my love child. Born outta pure, gluttonous greed, and the shame of this, meaning that I had to find a respectable reason to consume cake everyday. "I have to eat cake it's my job", "I'm just testing the flavours to perfect my recipe" are daily mantras in my kitchen. If I wouldn't eat it, I wont sell it. Which, to be honest, covers most food really. Except broad beans bleughhhh, the texture! the dryness!! Why????!!!! Noo!!!! What I actually mean by this is that indulgence and high-quality, well-sourced, ingredients are a must at ACHE for cake. We don't just do this just to say it, you cannot make a good cake from poor ingredients. No corners are cut here, we use high-end products and organic as much as possible. We would never ever ever EVER use eggs that are not free-range. ​Endlessly fascinated by the magic of baking and how eggs, butter and sugar can be conjured into literally anything, (well except vegan cakes- that's a special magic of its own) I fancy myself as a magician. I spent a fair bit of my youth working in a pub kitchen, which is where I first discovered my love of food and creating edible magic. A background in fine art also means I'm a meticulous perfectionist, with a love of colour, shape and form (It also means I'm a bit nuts - in case you've not caught on). Many moons ago I made a lifelike version of my own head out of cake, then ate it in the name of art. True story. It was a statement on narcissistic gluttony of our self-image, and feminism, and freud, or something? This was pre-social media anxiety being a thing - what a visionary ;-) Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I like to visually challenge myself, I do this mostly by restraining myself from eating all my cake orders before delivery, but other than that I like to experiment & try new techniques and styles, to you know, keep it fresh. I will never send out anything other than perfect.​ If you're still reading this, I've hopefully not terrified you.....and you might still like to order a cake from me? I'm also worried this post makes me sound so MUCH more interesting than I actually am. I'm really very quiet and a bit of a work-a-holic, very serious most of the time ( a proper Capricorn ). I just want to feed people with delicious cakes that look as beautiful as they taste. I basically have a NEED to FEED. Big love, Davina x

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4 Reviews


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Recent reviews

Debora Bonetti



out of 5 stars

Can t begin to praise you enough.The cake looked amazing, and tasted delicious.Overall the best "Cake Lady"Will definitely be coming back for more celebration cakes. Thank youXX

Amanda Franco



out of 5 stars

OMG! What can I say? Davina made an absolutely stunning cake for a very special birthday. It was incredible in taste and in look (my photo really doesn’t do it any justice…). My family loved it and have asked for future orders to be made on their behalf when it’s their birthdays!! 😂 It was really easy to order from Ache for Cake and Davina provided a very professional and personal service. Cake was great, business owner was great, delivery service was great too. We can’t wait to order again! Thanks so much!

Lou Box



out of 5 stars

The most gorgeous cakes!! I've had several cakes from Ache for Cake over the last couple of years and each one has been so special. Gorgeous flavours and such show-stoppers!! Davina puts so much thought into the design and each one is so unique and just perfect. Can't wait for the next one!!! 🤩

David Senen Ruiz



out of 5 stars

Thanks Ache for Cake for making this beautiful and very tasty cake for our wedding. Everyone loved it! I totally recommend, excellent quality.

Cerys Vaughan



out of 5 stars

Ache for Cake were recently hired to bake a cake for a colleagues leaving do and it was amazing! We needed a vegan cake to ensure everyone could enjoy some, it was perfect! if i hadn't know it was vegan then i wouldn't have known the difference! great customer service and yummy cake, highly recommended.
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