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Garden of Blessings, Hijaz Watling Street, Nuneaton Warwickshire CV11 6BE
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Garden of Blessings is more than just a cemetery. Visitors can benefit from our facilities that include the provision of an ablution area, a Mosque and Janaza prayer area. The Blessed Mausoleum is also open for all visitors to pay their humble respect.

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Tazbita Tasnim



out of 5 stars

one of my brothers sadly left this dunya at a very young age and he is buried here. Its a beautiful, peaceful place and I have also reserved a spot for myself. A bit confused by the negative reviews? I was there only last week and saw no evidence of grave destruction? everything was neat and tidy. I did notice some personalised grave borders and benches had been removed, but there is still plenty of seating and its now easier to access the graves as its tidier. there was a letter from their admin team requesting the removal of everything apart from headstones and flowers/ plants on graves but we didn't have anything to remove so there were no issues.




out of 5 stars

WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. So they’ve tore up our loved ones graves. I’ve seen their response to reviews and I must assure you they are such bad liars. We were NOT told about removing borders or anything of that sort. They made a mess of the graves and ruined the borders. On the off chance you did tell us of the borders, how can they explain the mess they have made? They’ve upset so much families because of their incompetent mistakes. There’s no respect for the deceased Muslim brothers and sisters. These guys are so petty and money hungry they’ve taken the benches and chairs too so they can charge us for them; on top of that the only border you can have is the one they’re selling to the people. So is this really a Muslim graveyard or a cash grab for you people? I’d love to see their response to this cause they never contacted us about my brother or grandmothers grave and just made a mess of it for free.

Mohammed Shafiq



out of 5 stars

Disgusting behaviour by the management in the way the borders have been removed from peoples loved ones graves. It is evident no respect was given to the deceased people’s graves. They claim that people were informed well I wasn’t and if they did then they need to show evidence on how they informed me!!!! We were encouraged to add borders to make the graves look nice and then our loved ones graves looked destroyed by animals rather than humans. The old Mercedes’ car on the grounds holds more respect than actual people’s graves. Nice response received. May we all be judged by the almighty based on our actions and intentions and I’ll leave it at that.

Mohammed Asim



out of 5 stars

It breaks my heart when our own brothers and sister in Islam destroy graves and then tell us it’s in our terms and conditions that we can make the rules up as we go along. My beloved brother departed this dunya only 2 months ago and me and my family are still devastated and we thought what a beautiful place to bury him until the staff destroyed his grave. Who ever is responsible from the graveyard we will not be forgiving you and I hope Allah deals with you accordingly. Women who have stood up for there families graves being destroyed have been banned from this graveyard which is disgusting this is very appalling behaviour and remember the only thing promised to us in life is death. This will be for you and me and for everyone imagine if that was your grave destroyed. Imagine if that was your mother or fathers graves destroyed. Don’t have 1 rule for yourself and another for others. You have destroyed so many peoples feeling and you don’t have a care in the world. Wallahi if I knew of what sort of people you actually where I would of never buried my brother here. This graveyard does not even provide bins but wants to smash graves and leave them looking like a mess. May Allah make it easy for the poor families that have suffered. You say we have no proof that you destroyed the graves of the people but we have photos which you do not allow us to upload. So don’t say they wasn’t destroyed when the only reason the grave looks presentable is become my mother tidied it up.

aishaa enn



out of 5 stars

Disgusting behaviour displayed by those working under the Garden of Blessings’ committee. They encouraged us all to make boarders around our loved ones’ graves so long as they fall within the measurements of the purchased plot and do not exceed the measured plot. With no communication, or correspondence they then ripped off all the boarders in the process they threw ornaments into a skip and destroyed flowers placed on graves. They make rules up as they go along and dont bother advising us beforehand. They have also disposed of benches, so when elderly loved ones come to visit their family they are just expected to stand there in their old age. Might i add, they actually allowed benches and chairs and prompted us to buy them. There was no compassion or remorse displayed when we raised our concerns. And the icing on the cake, you can only buy the marble headstones from the Garden of Blessings so you are not allowed to buy the Marble Headstone from elsewhere. Its all a money making scheme. Its a shame i am not allowed to upload pictures because i have plenty of pictures to show how inhumanely they removed boarders.
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