London Central Mosque Trust & The Islamic Cultural Centre

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5 reviews
146 Park Road London NW8 7RG
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A 'Nikah' Islamic marriage contract according to Islamic (Shariah) Law are performed at The Islamic Cultural Centre and the London Central Mosque. The Nikah ceremony will be performed by the appointed Imams (Muslim Ministers) of the Islamic Cultural Centre and the London Central Mosque. Our Centre has been conducting marriages, divorces and conversions since 1946 which records have been kept in a digital database and there is a charge for obtaining a copy. Getting married at The London Central Mosque is the experience of a lifetime. The Centre is committed to providing a unique & spectacular service, where you will create unforgettable memories with your family, and friends. We have four venues made available for the Ceremonies which can be used according to your needs and budget: Conference Room, Boardroom, Halls and Restaurant.

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5 Reviews


out of 5 stars

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Yaman Kalaji



out of 5 stars

The biggest sunnah mosque, and definitely the one to follow in prayer times. Although it’s more than just a mosque, it’s a small university with a big library and unique thinkers and lecturers. It has also a restaurant downstairs with reasonable prices. You could come on Friday with your family, they would enjoy it. (P.S. Always come early on Friday, places could be taken quickly since it’s a well-known mosque).

Shu Shu



out of 5 stars

Beautiful masjid, family friendly with one book shop and a clothesshop. It also has a cafe and a restaurant downstairs. Sisters pray upstairs in a spacious hall and on Fridays, the basement is available to sisters if the main hall filled up. The basement is ideal for sisters with children who wants to run around without worrying they will disturb others.

Raiyan Choudhury



out of 5 stars

Love this Masjid. Family friendly atmosphere, spacious, has great facilities, friendly calm visitors and also has a car park. Also, great location for those who don't live in London. Can easily stop off to pray before heading home

S. O.



out of 5 stars

Spectacular mosque 🕌. Stunning design. Plenty of greenery and open space. Magnificent chandelier inside. Golden dome. Beautiful tiles and decorations. Feels very welcoming. Comfortable carpets. Perfect building.

Syed Hamid Akbar



out of 5 stars

Very beautiful mosque. Nice spaces for ablution, shop, restaurant. On Friday soany people for Friday prayer. Definitely go and offer a prayer in this mosque if you visiting London.
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