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WIlliam Hulme Grammar School, Spring Bridge Rd Manchester M16 8PR
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kanwal junaid



out of 5 stars

this school is a great school and i am currently in year 6 in this school. I have come since nursery and i have proof that the teachers are kind hearted and believe in the children. the only way I have learnt a vast amount of things is because of the help we get.




out of 5 stars

Only the poorest characters attend this high school there are fights on a daily in this school the students are extremely disrespectful to the teachers.There is a lot of bullying in this school and that is never dealt with effectively.Your lucky to not get bullied if you come to this school,awful experience so far

Muhmmad Ali



out of 5 stars

My time at William hulme hasn’t been the best if honest I think it is highly overrated for no reason and at William Hulmes The teachers don’t care if you fail or pass also the type of students that are here are really annoying kids and they don’t like people who have learning difficulties the school is awful with bullying they just say ignore it . The teachers aren’t really good at teaching your lucky to get those teachers that can teach but it’s really rare . If you are not highly intelligent you will get bullied and even the lowest sets are really bad as all the sets in William Hulmes are not great to be honest . You rarely get any homework as my mum has complained several times to the school if you want to get the “high school experience “don’t come to this school you are lucky to get those couple of people exactly in your position but it’s rare and the school dinners are really bad a couple of wedges for £1.50 when I say couple I mean 3 wedges I could go on about how much I disliked my time at this school believe me don’t send your kids here it’s a a big mistake .Also it’s called a Grammar school when it isn’t anymore it’s an academy . Also they banned phones recently this school is very strict but with major incidents they are not like bullying,racism etc. Also in this school your stuff gets nicked al the time . It has been the worst 5 years of my life I beg anyone not to send their kids here there are much better schools out here




out of 5 stars

This excellent school is free to attend; it isn't a grammar school - the name is historical. With 4 children attending I can confirm that the school's academic record is excellent. WHGS offers very good music, drama and sports; there is good discipline and no tolerance of bullying.




out of 5 stars

The school is rubbish I think is highly rated for no reason there are better schools out there believe me
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