Royal Taj Resturant & Banqueting Hall

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34 Manningham Ln Bradford West Yorkshire BD1 3EA
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Hannah khan



out of 5 stars

i attended a function just a couple of days ago and had noticed a very young girl who is supposedly a 'manager' treated the waiters and cleaners ever so badly i could see the poor women working so hard but she was screaming and looking at them in such a nasty way. it made me feel so uncomfortable never coming back to this venue again. i have reported her to one of the members of staff i hope they have actioned this.

Ali Hussain



out of 5 stars

Really disappointed. Starters were so salty and not edible. Kebabs smelt off and leaking with defrosted fluid. Fish pokoras were not cooked through. Everybody said the same x 300 people or so. Felt sorry for my family that trusted this place. Fancy ceilings don't make a wedding when the food never matched on pair to being fit for human consumption. Planning your big day then question the food before booking. Service was more about clearing up than actually bringing to the table.

Kamran Parvez



out of 5 stars

Don't ever go. Terrible service and the food was not nice Went to a wedding. Asked for a soft drink as there was only tap water on the table. Manager responds with 'why don't you have the tap water and wait for the soft drinks when the salad comes out', it came out 2 hours later.. chicken was cold. Fish pakoras were burnt. Don't even get me started on the currys and mains. The parking is next to their huge dumpsters. Horrible smell when you enter. If someone ever invites me to a wedding there again i will refuse to go. Avoid avoid avoid!!!!

zafran razaq



out of 5 stars

Attended my uncle's wedding and must say the contrast between the inside and outside was amazing. the inside is like an old council office building/civic hall and has a grand entrance. the food was not as good as what I've had elsewhere and the rooms were well decorated.




out of 5 stars

Excellent service. You give respect you get respect. Many people think waiters can be treated like dirt and look down at them and think their robots and disrespect them over little mistake . When I see people I respect them and the fact they are trying their best to provide for their family. My sister got married here. They were very helpful and humble. Everything was perfect. I would definitely recommend you guys to book this venue. If you ask for permits they give you them so you can give them out to family friends to park their cars. They always make you feel comfortable and are approachable.
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