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189 Queens road Manchester Manchester M8 0RB
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Sai Fashions one of Manchester's leading and most renowned Asian fashion house since 1999.

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5 Reviews


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shahnaz ahmed



out of 5 stars

Delivery was a total let down. No options available. Beautiful designs on clothing. However, I was extremely disappointed I was not notified delivery would be via Royal Mail at the time of order, or for express delivery options online. Every garment I order online from various retail outlets deliver via courier. With the ongoing strikes by Royal Mail, what was promised to be 1-3 day delivery has turned out to still be non-delivered, since 4 October. Royal Mail will not estimate delivery, only inform me of when the item has been delivered. Tracking is ridiculous (again possibly because of the strike). Thereby my daughter has missed out on wearing her preferred choice of outfit from Sai Fashions intended for a wedding today! The whole bad experience could have been avoided (expectation wise) if the customer is given options on delivery (special, express etc). Instead I have been left hostage to Royal Mail. My sister was able to receive her purchases from other Asian retailers in the UK in 3 working days, by courier. Thereby my daughter was able to wear an appropriate outfit of her choice to the wedding. Money spent on a no-show item has been my experience from my first time purchase here.




out of 5 stars

They are extremely helpful and their variety is amazing. I’ve been going to this place long time but recently i was here every other day due to few weddings in the fam. I couldn’t decide which outfit was more suitable for the occasion so i ended up buying few. They have the best latest collection. They are slightly pricey than any other local Retailers but they have some amazing outfits. I would highly recommend

Zenab Mahmood



out of 5 stars

Would NOT recommend this place! Bought a suit, needed altering. The price for altering was too much - could get a new suit made for that price! All that was needed was lining in the sleeves and fitting around the stomach. They were completely lazy - the wrong shade of lining was used, the fitting was disgusting and messed up the entire shape. I had to undo the suit myself and get another person to sort out! Absolutely disgusting service by such rude and disgusting management!! Do not come to this place. U will definetely lose out! They claim they follow Trading Standards but what absolute rubbish when you cannot exchange until after 2pm! I highly doubt places like Zara, Selfridges, and so on have this type of protocol. Be weary of this place and the manager!

shahlaa dhukai



out of 5 stars

Would not recommend this store purely based on their customer service. Very claustrophobic store. Drove one hour to visit this place wish I saved my time and went somewhere where they actually value customers. The jewellery store was worse completely dead and potentially could have spent over £1k for my wedding jewellery however the staff were disinterested and felt a weird vibe like they didn’t want to serve anyone and just wanted us out. Saved my money and went elsewhere where they genuinely cared and saved a lot more money as well. Their prices in sai fashions don’t reflect the service and it’s just bog standard stuff u can get anywhere. Overall avoid and only if your in desperate need of anything visit this place. Save your self respect and visit a classier place guys esp if your getting married.

Mohammed Manjra



out of 5 stars

So... just drove 30 mins to this place. Wife and daughter found 5 items they wanted to buy. But they weren't allowed to try them on ?! Yet other customers were trying clothes on clearly. Its a clothes shop and where you cant try on items that are badged as 'Sale' And... you can't get a refund if you get home and they don't fit. So what are customers supposed to do ? Risk buying something that may not fit knowing that they can't get a refund either ?! Isn't that against trading law ?! Left empty handed. Waste of time.
sparkle business
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