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60 Gracechurch Street London London EC3V 0HR
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Shakespeare Martineau is a leading law firm that brings creativity, commerciality and clarity to complex challenges. We have big ambitions and work with blue-chip companies, leading organisations, high street brands and individuals across the world.

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Kewal Makwana



out of 5 stars

I used my lawyer sukh for a few deals and I will never look back. I needed a free consultation for some corporate work and shailen was available to advise and guide me that the deal was not appropriate. Client for life.

Pilot Bald



out of 5 stars

You're always number 3 in the queue lol. These small time crooks are not worth your time. I have 4 minute recording of one them lying through his teeth. He told me he wasn't getting any response from his message to a manager but beforehand told me he was calling him. I'm on my way to Stratford to speak to someone in person.

Hardeep Sohanpal



out of 5 stars

Registered a CCJ against me that has nothing to do with me, have given them all the details they asked for from the court and they have no record of anything. No help on the phone other than a receptionist who just makes annoying noises at you, is very unprofessional and just transfers your call to voicemails. These guys should be shut down. In response to the reply below. You have my contact details. Stop lying. All I have received is an email with little to no information which doesn't show any pertinent details. Stop dragging this out. Upon further discussion it appears they blindly follow their clients instruction regardless of the actual facts, they have filed a CCJ against me for a property where im not even named as a bill payer and for bills that were paid.

Dawn Floyd



out of 5 stars

UK Search Ltd has outsourced their debts to this company. I had a CCJ sent although I am already paying off Southern Water via UK Search Ltd now they have this solicitor working on their behalf for a debt that is unlawful I am already paying. I was told it would be added to my current bill .. These people are the biggest organised crime, acting as lawful agents . I have left messages and written emails, would be a different story if you were paying for my time. I won't waste mine filling out forms for a debt I am clearly paying off .. ...

Holly McLoughlin



out of 5 stars

If I could give zero stars, I would. I have been trying to contact this company since the 6th March to pay in full a ccj that had been filed against me after I moved from my old business address and was notified of the county court judgement by a third party - I had not received any correspondence due to not being at the property any longer and as a result have no reference number. Without a reference number the company will not allow me to make payment and have told me that bailiffs have now been instructed. I have also called the bailiffs who I wish to pay in full - they too have told me that I am unable to do anything without a reference. This is beyond ludicrous, when all I want to do is pay the debt in full. I have 2 days left to pay before the ccj remains on my record for 6 years. I am devasted to say the least. This company is an absolute shambles
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