Who are we?

We are a group of young Muslims determined to use technology to champion Muslim consumer needs. We are building a platform and community to empower Muslim consumers and Muslim-friendly businesses by bringing these fantastic services all in one place making it incredibly simple to buy and sell within the Muslim community.

What do we do?

Ummazing bring together awesome Muslim-friendly businesses from a range of different sectors to identify a host of Muslim consumer needs. From planning your entire wedding all on one platform, to seeking excellent and trusted legal advice, we have all of that and everything in between.

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What does it mean to be Ummazing?

Ummazing acknowledges that individually, there are businesses and people that go the extra mile and are amazing at what they do. But we believe we can really uplift our ummah by working together and bringing these amazing businesses together with amazing consumers and that’s what we call Ummazing. Working together to uplift our ummah with every click.

Ummah + Amazing

Our Story

“Growing up in an area where Muslims were few and far between – the options for Muslim consumers were limited. I always found myself settling for the vegetarian option when going out to eat, or travelling into London in order to find clothing to suit a religious occasion. Though I was grateful for the options that were present at the time, I struggled with the lack of community – after all, I was always taught that community was important in Islam – so where was mine? Moving to Leicester for university, I had a huge culture shock with so many businesses operating at the complete other end of the spectrum. Muslim-friendly options were everywhere and not just in Muslim-run businesses. Business owners from different backgrounds understood the benefits of providing options to all communities – the benefits of inclusivity. Here is where I found community and here is where I found Ummazing. As we shifted our focus to the world of online, I set out to create a platform that identified and championed Muslim consumer needs. I wanted to use the powerful concept in Islam of community (ummah) to highlight the awesomeness of Muslim-friendly businesses everywhere, be they big or small! This is the essence of”

Raees Sayed - Founder

What does "Muslim-Friendly" mean?

Ummazing work with any service-provider that offer a service or product that champion Muslim consumer needs. It's really that simple